Houston Couple Share Their Surrogacy Journey

The path to building a family was not one without bumps for Houston area couple, Erin and Jesse. When the couple began trying to have their first baby, Erin she was diagnosed with PCOS, which made getting pregnant on her own very difficult. After several unsuccessful attempts, Erin finally became pregnant in 2009, thanks to the help of IVF. Shortly after the birth of their baby boy, Erin and Jesse began trying again to have another baby; however, this time, IVF alone was not working.

Over the course of the following three years, Erin and Jesse underwent several unsuccessful IVF cycles and countless tests, none of which could provide any concrete answers. Finally, after enduring extreme heartbreak and frustration, Erin and Jesse met with their IVF doctor to discuss new options for expanding their family. It was during this discussion that the couple decided to explore using a gestational surrogate.

Erin and Jesse’s IVF doctor referred the couple to Gayle with Surrogate Solutions. Although Erin was full of nerves and took three days to make the first call, she could not be happier she did. In her own words, Erin describes,

“It was one of the best conversations I’ve ever had. Gayle’s friendly and encouraging demeanor made it an easy decision to work with her. Her advice and cheerleading throughout our journey was priceless. She was always available to answer questions, provide information, and give advice.”

Following the initial phone conversation, Erin and Jesse met for a very special dinner with Gayle as well as the couple who would later be Erin and Jesse’s surrogate, Julie and her husband, BJ. Erin and Julie had been communicating via email prior to the meeting, and although it was the couple’s first time meeting a potential surrogate, Erin and Jesse both knew right away that Julie was the perfect person to carry their baby. According to Erin and Jesse,

“We were so happy when they agreed to work with us! BJ and Julie made the experience so pleasant. We had full trust and faith in [BJ and Julie] that they would take perfect care of our baby. BJ was completely supportive of Julie being a carrier and he provided encouragement for Julie throughout the entire pregnancy.”

Throughout the pregnancy, Julie kept Erin up to date about the pregnancy and the baby by email. Although coordinating four separate schedules is challenging, Erin and Jesse were able to attend all doctor appointments with Julie and BJ. The biggest challenge throughout the journey for both couples, though, occurred when a subchorionic bleed was found in Julie’s uterus. Because there is nothing that can be done during a risky occurrence like this, the four weeks it took for the bleed to dissolve was a stressful and emotional time for both couples, but together, they got through it.

Today, Erin and Jesse have a second happy and healthy baby boy thanks to the help of Julie, BJ, and Gayle at Surrogate Solutions. Erin and Jesse still consider both Julie and BJ to be friends and talk several times a month. When asked what advice she would give other prospective parents considering a surrogate pregnancy, Erin says,

“Do it. If you want a baby and this is your final option, if you can make it happen, then do it. Call Gayle because it is comforting to have such a warm, kind person like her as you go through this process. Once you are holding your baby in your arms, none of the challenges matter.”

Many couples like Erin and Jesse have been able to have the baby of their dreams thanks to the help of Gayle and Surrogate Solutions. The journey of surrogacy is an eventful, but rewarding one, and the caring, experienced professionals who have been through the journey many times will be with you every step of the way. If you would like to speak with someone about your options or simply learn more about gestational surrogacy, do not hesitate to contact Surrogate Solutions today!




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