Texas Surrogate Shares Her Journey

Some things in life truly feel as though they are just meant to be. Many Surrogates and Intended Parents feel this way after being matched through Gayle at Surrogate Solutions. Samantha’s story of being matched with Wendy is a glowing example.

Samantha’s surrogacy journey began as a joke.  She already had two beautiful children of her own, but her best friend had been struggling to get pregnant and told Samantha she was giving herself one more month to get pregnant before giving Samantha the duty of having her children for her. As fate would have it, Samantha’s friend did in fact get pregnant in the following month, but the idea had been planted in Samantha’s head.

By chance or by fate, Samantha ran into Gayle at a booth while attending a children’s expo. After going over the literature she had received from Gayle with her husband, the decision had been made. Samantha and her husband filled out their application that very night, and Samantha was on her way to becoming a gestational surrogate. In her own words,

“The decision to become a surrogate was so easy for me. We were blessed with two healthy children and I loved being pregnant. We decided our family was complete and I could give a family a gift of a child.”

A few months later, Samantha and her husband began the screening and matching process at Surrogate Solutions and were soon, as they put it, matched with their “dream couple.” Although they had many questions, every last one was answered thoroughly, and their minds were put at ease because of Gayle’s expertise and experience. Working with Gayle and being matched with the perfect couple made the whole process both easy and enjoyable for Samantha and her family.

On the first transfer, Samantha became pregnant with Wendy’s healthy baby boy, Austin. Throughout her pregnancy, Wendy and Samantha would email several times per week and meet for lunch whenever possible. Because Wendy’s work schedule allowed for her to have Friday’s off, they would try to schedule Samantha’s doctor appointments for Fridays so Wendy could accompany her. According to Samantha,

“We never worried about the next step of the process. We never felt any stress or ‘what ifs’. Becoming friends with Wendy made it such a great experience. We could not have been matched with a better couple for us.”

The day of the delivery was truly a memorable experience for Samantha. Both Samantha’s and Wendy’s extended families got together the night before, truly making it an event as one big family for both women. Thanks to Gayle, the delivery schedule was smooth sailing, complete with all medical and birth records ready to go so the families had nothing to focus on but welcoming Austin into the world.

Today, Austin is a happy and healthy baby boy, and Wendy and Samantha keep in touch through email and phone calls as well as meeting up every few months. When asked what advice she would have to offer other surrogates, Samantha says,

“Enjoy every minute of it! You are giving another family an amazing gift of a child, and there is no greater gift you could give.”

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