Infertility Isn’t Just Physical

Both women and men sometimes need help coping when faced with infertility. Learning you are infertile is not just a challenge that effects you physically; it is also a mental and emotional strain. The experience of infertility can leave you feeling inadequate as a partner to your spouse, frustrated at your inability to do something which most people take for granted, and financially burdened by the expenses associated with fertility testing and treatment.

Coping with infertility is very similar to coping with the stages associated with grief. Loss, anger, jealousy, denial, shame, and a sense of lacking control are all normal feelings someone might experience when coping with infertility. The one upside to going through this difficult time is that you are not alone. In addition to relying on your support system and spouse, many women seek group counseling or other forms of therapy to meet with others who are going through similar hardships.

Although you are unable to physically carry and give birth to a child, it does not mean your dreams of becoming a mother cannot come true. Due to research and medical and technological advances, several alternative options to getting pregnant are worth exploring to make your baby dreams a reality:

  • Egg donation. Some women may want to consider using an egg donor to become pregnant. Donor eggs allow an infertile woman to carry a child and give birth. If you choose to use donor eggs, it is recommended to work with an agency who will help find your perfect donor match and make the process as smooth and worry free (both legally and emotionally) as possible.
  • Adoption. Adopting is an option often considered after other pregnancy alternatives have failed, but this option presents its own unique set of hurdles. Adoption agencies have very stringent criteria which must be fulfilled by potential parents, and couples may have to wait a long time to adopt a newborn, which can be emotionally draining in itself.
  • Gestational surrogacy. Where egg donation is not an option, surrogacy is often the answer many intended parents have been waiting for. Working with a surrogacy agency will match you with the perfect surrogate mother who is right for you and be with you every step of the way: from initially discussing your options, thoughts, and feelings, to choosing a surrogate, throughout the pregnancy, birth, and beyond. An agency will also make sure you are not faced with any legal or ethical issues and make the pregnancy an enjoyable and exciting time for everyone involved.

Learning you are infertile does not mean your dreams of raising a family have been cut short. There are many options available to allow women who have been touched by infertility to have the family they have always dreamed of. If you are coping with infertility and looking for further information on alternative pregnancies such as surrogacy, please contact Surrogate Solutions today!

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