Open Communication is Key to Good Pregnancy

Where surrogacy is concerned, the importance of open and honest communication cannot be stressed enough. A lack of effective communication can often lead to misunderstandings, in turn leading to feelings of dishonesty or distrust. At Surrogate Solutions, we believe communication is key, right from the very beginning; from initially choosing your agency, all the way through your relationships after the baby’s birth. We promote and help you to achieve an open and effective line of communication at all times.

Building a relationship based upon mutual trust and effective communication between the agency, Surrogate, and IPs should immediately be top priority. It is equally as important to find a Surrogate who shares similar views on surrogacy with the IPs, as it is that she is both mentally and physically healthy. Sharing a similar outlook greatly helps in making the entire surrogacy process much more enjoyable for everyone involved. Understanding each individual’s personal needs and expectations is the first step to creating this strong match. To make certain everyone is on the same page, consider the following discussions:

  • What kind of communication do you wish to have with your Surrogate before, during, and after the pregnancy? Are you expecting to exchange phone calls, visits, and photographs, or do you prefer to have no contact after the baby is born? Discussing this important and sensitive topic now will ensure smooth sailing as the journey progresses.
  • What are your wishes for medical visits and procedures during the pregnancy? Do you wish to be with your Surrogate during doctor visits, or would you prefer phone call updates afterwards? Will you want direct communication with the doctors? Whatever your preferences may be, it is important for the Surrogate, IPs, and doctors to all be aware and comfortable.
  • Is everyone on the same page in regards to the birth order? Although Surrogate Solutions will thoroughly help you and your Surrogate develop and understand all terms of your contract, many IPs do wish to have a birth order for peace of mind.
  • Do you prefer a warmer relationship with your Surrogate, or strictly business? Many IPs develop lifelong friendships with their Surrogates and their families, however, others prefer to keep their personal lives separate after the baby’s birth.  This decision is entirely up to the Surrogate’s and IP’s wishes, however, these prospects should also be discussed up front to prevent any false hope or unrealistic expectations.

Clearly defining your desired expectations of your unique surrogacy experience will greatly help your agency find the surrogate who is best fit for you. Establishing a relationship based on good communication will help ensure that all parties are in agreement so you can make the most of this exciting time in your lives. If you are looking for more information on keeping open communication during surrogacy, contact Surrogate Solutions today.



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