A & S

We are grateful and very lucky to have worked with Gayle East from Surrogate Solutions. Gayle and her team are simply the “Dream Team”, and their level of service is “top notch”. We would even say further that Surrogate Solutions is definitely one of the best (if not the best) surrogacy agencies in the state of Texas. We interviewed and did research on multiple other agencies, and from the get-go we immediately connected with Gayle. Gayle, with her warm personality, vast experience and knowledge in surrogacy, and contagious positive attitude was an integral part and tremendous help for us from the beginning of the process until the end. Gayle does not only talk the talk, but she also walks the walk. She is a veteran gestational carrier herself who has experienced the process first-hand. This allowed her to provide us with invaluable input in selecting the right gestational carrier, guide us and the gestational carrier through the surrogacy process, and help us cope with challenges. We also found that Surrogate Solutions’ fee arrangement was the most fair and reasonable among other agencies. In contrast to other agencies, Gayle and her team only required us to pay the partial fees up-front, and they did not require the remaining agency fees paid until the right gestational carrier was identified and the contract had been signed. For us, in every aspect of the process, Surrogate Solutions was definitely the single-best resource and sounding board that made our surrogacy journey way more enjoyable and fun! We would highly recommend Gayle East and her team from Surrogate Solutions. They are simply the best!