Gayle is such a remarkable, life changing and life giving woman. We found Gayle after a decade of fertility issues, having been through IVF, a miscarriage, and numerous surgeries. By the time we made our way to Gayle, we were beaten, battered, and emotionally worn down. We’d made efforts to work with other surrogacy agencies, but they all treated the process like a business, rather than what it is…an emotionally taxing journey that isn’t just about “having a baby”, but also about giving up a dream that is a core piece of every woman’s emotional fabric: giving and bearing life.

The first time we sat down with Gayle, it was obvious this wasn’t just a business for her. She truly identified with our plight, and the plight of other couples unable to bear their own children. Our first meeting lasted two hours, with 80 percent of it dedicated to us, our story, our background, who we are, etc. By the end of the conversation, we felt like we were entrusting the beginning of our family to a cherished friend, rather than a sterile service provider.

That was almost two years ago. We now have a beautiful seven-month-old daughter. Our surrogate, Jessica, and her family have become our extended family. And Gayle has been there every step of the way as a friend, adviser, and servant. She is the purest form of love: giving every ounce of herself so that we may have a family.

If you’re considering being a surrogate, please know you will never feel love and protection like you will feel from Gayle. Her girls are her family, and she protects them to the Nth degree. She will go to bat for you on anything and everything, because having been a surrogate herself, she knows not just the personal sacrifice involved, but the emotional toll as well. If you’re a couple considering working with Gayle to find a surrogate to help you begin or extend your family, you are forever blessed by knowing and working with Gayle. You will gain relationships and experiences you cannot even begin to fathom. There is no greater joy than seeing a team of people rally around you to lift you up and take care of you in ways that at times, you feel unworthy of. Gayle is Heaven sent, and you will be blessed immeasurably.

Thank you forever and ever, Gayle. And good luck to each of you considering Gayle and her agency. I hope your journey is even more remarkable, rewarding, and enriching than ours.

Lake and Sharon

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