From the moment I first learned about surrogacy, I knew that I wanted to participate in this amazing process that would bring a child to a loving family. I understood the basic concept of surrogacy, but knew little else. As I started to do my research and begin the process, I checked out many different agencies. Many of them were overwhelming, some of them told me that I could not match if I did not alter my beliefs and give in on my principles. Some of these agencies were huge companies, and most were far away. I desperately wanted a human to speak to. And then I found Surrogate Solutions. From the simple, clear, and easy to understand website, to the friendly and caring voice of Gayle, I truly felt that I had found the best place to be. With Gayle’s help, I was able to learn everything I needed to find out to be prepared for this experience. I was able to match with an amazing couple, and delivered beautiful twins last November. Throughout the entire process, Gayle was there to help us over the hurdles. Whether it was questions for the clinic, frustration with the attorneys, or protocol on how to interact with my intended parents, I had a great support system here. Being a surrogate was, second to being a mother, the most amazing experience of my life. I know that it would not have been as easy and enjoyable if I had not had Gayle there cheering us all on. I truly feel like Gayle knows me – my personality and what is important to me – and because of that, I trust her and know that she will look out for my best interest as well as that of my intended parents. Going through something as challenging as surrogacy can be a difficult journey, but with the support of such an amazing agency behind me, I was able to have a wonderful and peaceful journey. It was, in fact, such a great experience that I am, with Gayle’s help, in the process of surrogacy journey number two.