What Surrogate’s Kids Think


Most Surrogates get asked what they told their kids and how their kids feel about them being surrogates. We recently asked our current carriers and here are some of their responses.

  • Courtney says: My girls think it’s awesome now and love to tell people that mommy’s having a baby for another family. My 3 year old has started to pick up that somethings going on and gives my belly hugs and kisses all the time. I keep telling him I’m keeping a baby safe for another family and the girls think it is amazing to help another family. Our intended parents visit often and we have all made a lifelong friendship from our journey. We are so thrilled to watch our new friends as they become parents in the next few months. 
  • Kelly: My 6 year old understands, he loves putting his hand on my belly. Today we heard the heartbeat and he was super excited. He knows the baby isn’t coming home with us, and that we will visit him with his parents once he is born.
  • Lori: After I asked my children how they felt about me being a surrogate my son replied that he thinks it is pretty cool of me! He said “I think it’s awesome and really cool and sweet you want to help someone have a family like ours!” Super proud moment. These are life lessons for my children, and being an example. If you can truly help another person, why not! I am honored to be able to help another family and blessed to have my family’s support.
  • Brittney: My four year old tells the neighbors that it isn’t his baby or daddy’s and that we are giving it away. It is sweet though, he likes to read to my growing bump and he tries to rub my feet.
  • Amanda: My girls are the “bump’s bodyguards”. They ask me at every meal if what I am eating is safe for the bump, or if I took my vitamins today. They are young but they understand that we are helping the bump’s parents and our roles are to grow and protect it. It is super sweet.

It is amazing how innocent and resilient children are. They truly understand things that many of us worry about. We don’t have to make things super complicated but to explain that we, as surrogates, are helping another family out. There are also many additional resources out and children’s book such as the Kangaroo Pouch.

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