As a surrogate mother they do not have my blood, but they have my love.


Many times I have been asked why I decided to become a surrogate mother or gestational carrier. Well, I always wanted a big family, I loved pregnancy, and I am a Maternal Child nurse so it made sense to me. As a single mother of 2 in my late thirties, the idea of having more children of my own became distant. I still had the desire of experiencing the miracle of bringing life into the world and it was clear that surrogacy was the path I was destined to take. What better way to give this gift I know is so precious to someone else than to be a surrogate!

I did my research and tried to learn more about surrogacy for months. That is when I found Surrogate Solutions and filled out an application. I was excited when the agency responded, and in June 2017 I met with Lauren. She was very friendly and knowledgeable and she made me feel even more comfortable with my decision of becoming a gestational carrier. She presented me with a few profiles of potential matches and I found my intended parents. About 3 months later, in September 2017, we had our first in-person meeting and I knew then I had found my match and I wanted to carry their child. The feeling was mutual and we started the process. We agreed on all the basic things and I knew it was a perfect match for me. Then came all the visits to IVF clinic, medical screening, and the psych evaluation. Once our contract was finalized we started direct communication and a beautiful friendship started growing. After ups and downs with the IVF process, we finally had some good embryos to transfer.

In April of 2018, we had our first embryo transfer. Two perfect genetically-tested little embryos, a boy and a girl, were transferred.  We thought for sure this was it and left the clinic that day thinking we were going to be pregnant. Well, it did not happen then. It was a rude awakening to realize it was not that easy and not every transfer results in implantation. This only made us grow closer, though, and we decided to try again. In June of 2018, we had our second transfer. One perfect little embryo was transferred, also genetically-tested to be good. It was a boy this time, and it did not work out either.

We had no embryos left and my IP’s had to go through the process of selecting another egg donor and starting the process all over again. Finally, we were ready for our third transfer in October of 2018. It was going to be our last try together and there were only 2 embryos good for transfer.  We transferred both embryos and hoped for the best. Third time was charm and we finally got pregnant! A few weeks later we found out both embryos implanted and we were expecting twins.

The pregnancy was amazingly easy and I enjoyed every part of it.  Throughout the pregnancy, the intended parents and I continued to grow our relationship. My kids and I spent weekends with them from time to time and we communicated regularly. The pregnancy was definitely a family affair. The intended parents became my main support throughout the process and they were closely involved. I had the opportunity to meet some of their family and friends, and I was lucky that they even got the opportunity to relocate closer to me and my family.

On June 19, 2019 at exactly 37 weeks, I gave birth to 2 beautiful and healthy baby boys with my kids and the intended parents by my side. It was a beautiful experience to see the faces of the parents when they held their babies for the first time. The feeling was better than I could have ever imagined.

This is exactly why I became a gestational carrier! To give this gift of love that unexpectedly turned out to be a gift to me and my kids as well. I got more than I could have ever imagined!  I ended up with amazing friends because of this journey.  The babies may not have my blood, but they have all my love and they are now an actual extension of my family. I got that big family after all.

I know every surrogacy story will be unique and different, that not everyone will have what I had. In the end, however, we are all able to help someone create a family and that is a wonderful thing. Thanks to the gift of surrogacy, some will become parents, some will become grandparents, and others will become aunties and uncles. The journey can be long and sometimes hard, but I can assure you that THIS IS one of the most rewarding experiences a person will ever have and it is so worth it in so many ways.

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