The Benefits of a Doula During Surrogacy

A doula can provide support to you as a gestational surrogate, preparing you for and guiding you through the birthing process. Even though you’ve been through it before, every pregnancy, labor and delivery is different. Your doula can act as your advocate, seeing that your birthing plan is followed, and the process proceeds as smoothly as possible.

Doulas can provide non-medical pain relief, often reducing the need for medical intervention during labor. They can offer assistance such as massage, breathing techniques and guided medication that can help you feel more in control during labor and delivery.

The presence of a doula has benefits for the surrogate, the baby and the intended parents. Births attended by doulas have fewer c-sections, shorter labor and less need for anesthesia.

Advantages for the Gestational Surrogate

The doula will be focused on your experience. Between the excitement of the intended parents and the bustle of medical professionals, you may feel a little lost. She will be there for you throughout the process making sure your needs are attended to.

Advantages for Intended Parents

Labor and delivery will be a new experience for the intended parents. No matter how much reading and research they have done, there is nothing that can prepare them for the experience of seeing their baby born. The doula can walk them through the stages of labor so they know what is happening and what to expect next. She can discuss methods to help the new parents bond with the baby such as skin-to-skin contact. She can reassure them through any difficulties that can arise through the process.

How Do You Choose a Doula?

When deciding on a doula, make sure you choose one who is experienced in and comfortable with working with surrogate pregnancies. It can be a complex situation for someone who hasn’t been involved in surrogacy before and you want someone who understands the relationships involved. The right doula can be an amazing resource for all the parties involved.

Discuss Hiring a Doula With Your Intended Parents

If they are unfamiliar with the concept, you may have to explain the advantages to them. If it’s important to you that a doula attend the birth and the intended parents agree, be sure it is included in your surrogacy contract. If you need more detail on the benefits of a doula during surrogacy, read our previous post on the topic.

To learn more about designing the pregnancy, labor and birth experience that is perfect for you and your IP, contact Gayle and the experts at Surrogate Solutions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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