Are All Surrogacy Agencies Created Equal?

Surrogacy agencies are supposed to assist infertile couples in having a baby through third-party reproduction. Unfortunately, not all surrogacy agencies are created equal. The fact is, the costs can run anywhere from $75,000 to $120,000, and there are people out there who want to take advantage of intended parents in a very vulnerable state. From inexperienced and low-quality agencies to flat-out scams, both intended parents and gestational surrogates need to conduct due diligence before signing on. Here are things to look for in an agency as you begin your surrogacy journey.

How to Pick a Gestational Surrogacy Agency

Examine Their History and Track Record

The longer a surrogacy agency has been in business, the better. Surrogacy is a complex process and it requires expert guidance. Find out how long the agency has been operational and how many successful surrogacy journeys they have facilitated. Positive reviews online are helpful, but don’t just take the internet’s word for it. Always ask for testimonials and the opportunity to speak directly with parents and surrogates who have worked with the agency in the past.

Take Note of How You’re Treated

A surrogacy journey is long and emotional for both the gestational surrogate and the intended parents. Everyone involved deserves to be treated with the utmost respect and care. If it takes you a while to reach a human being on the phone, if you are rushed through your first phone call, if your questions aren’t answered thoroughly, if it is not possible to schedule face-to-face meetings, or if the agency wants a deposit before even answering any questions, move on. You want to work with an agency that is interested in forming a relationship with you from day one and focuses on providing you with a good experience through every step of the journey.

Do They Understand the Journey?

Case managers and advisers who have never been through a surrogacy journey may be supportive and empathetic, but only someone who has walked in your shoes can really understand what you’re going through. Look for an agency that employs people who have been through the journey as a gestational surrogate or as a parent. You’ll feel much more comfortable knowing your case manager can directly relate to your situation.

Will They Advocate for You?

The surrogacy journey can be rife with challenges. Your agency should act as an advocate for you, educating you on every step of the process, matching you with your ideal intended parent or gestational surrogate, making strong recommendations for attorneys, medical facilities, etc., answering questions, facilitating meetings, and ensuring your needs are met. Agencies that take a hands-off approach are often more interested in fees than helping you achieve your goals.

If you are considering working with a surrogacy agency on your family journey, or if you are interested in becoming a gestational surrogate mother, we invite you to contact the experienced and caring team at Surrogate Solutions today. We have helped many families through their journeys and we look forward to helping you.




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