Gestational Surrogacy Screening: What You Need to Know

If you’re considering becoming a gestational surrogate, you may wonder what to expect. Of course, you understand there will be a screening process, but what will they ask? What tests will they perform? Here’s an overview of the process a typical surrogate will undergo.

First, you will be asked some broad questions about your health, pregnancy experiences and attitudes so the surrogacy agency can gain an understanding of your suitability as a gestational surrogacy candidate. These questions can include:

How is your general health? Surrogates should:

  • Be between the ages of 21 and 45 years of age
  • Have an BMI under 33
  • Be a non-smoker (and live in a smoke-free environment)
  • Be free of all sexually transmitted diseases

How have your previous pregnancies gone? Have you:

  • Successfully birthed and raised a child?
  • Undergone three or fewer C-sections?
  • Suffered no serious medical problems during pregnancy or delivery?
  • Had no pre-term deliveries before 36 weeks (other than multiple births).

The surrogacy agency will ask you to provide previous pregnancy and delivery records. They will then have psychological and physical evaluations and a criminal background check completed.

Psychological Screening

After a preliminary interview, you will meet with a mental health professional who will evaluate your mental and emotional state. This is helpful for you as well so you can understand the risks and know for sure that surrogacy is the right decision for you. This will take about an hour. You may also be asked to participate in additional counseling sessions during the surrogacy process. You will not be required to pay for any tests or counseling.

Medical Screening

You will undergo a general physical and gynecological exam. Bloodwork will be done to screen for sexually transmitted disease or other health issues. The reproductive specialist or Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) may determine that additional testing will be needed. The medical screening is paid for by the Intended Parents.

Family and Finance

The surrogacy agency and intended parents will also want assurances you have a strong support system of family and friends. It can be a significant factor in a stress-free and successful surrogacy journey. You will also be asked to demonstrate you are financially stable.

The most important thing for all involved is you are thoroughly screened and prepared for a successful surrogacy journey.

Surrogate Solutions works with gestational surrogates and intended parents to make matches that are destined for success. If you are interested in becoming a surrogate in Texas, Florida or beyond, or would like to learn more about the gestational surrogacy process in general, please contact Gayle and her caring team of experts at Surrogate Solutions today!




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