What is Gestational Surrogacy? And Why Should Your Family Consider It?

Couples who are unable to become pregnant or sustain a pregnancy to term sometimes find gestational surrogacy to be their best option for creating their own families. What is gestational surrogacy? Let’s start with what it’s not.

It’s not the same as traditional surrogacy, in which the surrogate mother both gestates the pregnancy and provides the egg. The major drawback of traditional surrogacy is the surrogate is genetically connected to the baby. This can cause legal, custodial, and emotional issues.

In gestational surrogacy, the surrogate has no biological connection to the child. An embryo can be created via IVF in a variety of ways using the following:

  • The intended parents’ egg and sperm
  • A donor egg and sperm from the intended father
  • The intended mother’s egg and donor sperm
  • Donor egg and donor sperm

Who uses a gestational surrogate?

Many families may consider gestational surrogacy for a variety of reasons including:

Couples who have struggled with infertility. These are the most common intended parents. Usually, a couple has tried for months or even years to have a child or finds their biological clock is ticking down.

Same-sex couples. Gestational surrogacy can be the perfect choice for same-sex couples wishing for a family of their own.

Single intended parents. If a man or woman is ready to have a child but is not in a relationship, gestational surrogacy is an option that allows them to be biologically connected to the child.

Couples who don’t want to pass along their genes. Unfortunately, some couples ready to start a family may worry about genetic conditions or disorders that run in their families. Gestational surrogacy gives them peace of mind their children won’t suffer from maladies they or their relatives may have.

Anyone unable to safely carry a pregnancy to term. Some women simply can’t sustain a pregnancy because they do not have a uterus, are taking a vital medication that’s known to cause birth defects, or a number of other factors that prevent them from becoming and remaining pregnant. For these women, gestational surrogates are a godsend.

Do any of these reasons ring true for you, or do you have other reasons to consider gestational surrogacy? We would love to talk to you. The caring professionals at Surrogate Solutions understand what you are going through, and we would be happy to discuss how you can have a family of your own through gestational surrogacy. Contact Gayle and her staff today.

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