Finding Support on Your Gestational Surrogacy Journey

Being a gestational surrogate or working with one can be stressful and emotional. You have all the stresses of a typical pregnancy, plus the relationship between the surrogates and intended parents. As you know, it’s best for all involved (including the baby!) if you can keep your stress level to a minimum. That’s what makes a support system so important.

A solid support system is vital, but where can you turn? You may be surprised by the range of support options that are open to you. Do a little research online or ask your agent questions about how other surrogates and IPs have coped. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Friends and Family

For many surrogates and IPs, this can be your primary means of support. You can tell a trusted few your concerns, doubts, conflicting emotions, or any other struggles you may face, and they can offer advice or just a sympathetic ear. However, people don’t always understand why you chose gestational surrogacy and may not be capable of being there when you need them without being judgmental. In this case, you will need to find support outside your immediate circle.

Your Surrogacy Agency

Your agency representative has worked with many surrogates and intended parents. They have probably heard everything before. Don’t hesitate to ask them any questions that are causing you to worry or call them when you are feeling overwhelmed. They can listen, share coping strategies that have worked for previous surrogates and IPs and steer you to helpful resources.

Your IPs or Surrogate

You’re in this together, so stay in touch. The unknown is often the greatest source of stress. Regular contact can help alleviate this. Consider setting up a regular call, maybe every week or two. Use these calls to address any concerns you may have.


There is a plethora of resources available on the internet for intended parents and surrogates. Start by checking for local meetups to find like-minded individuals in your area. Next turn to Facebook. There are several groups devoted to supporting surrogates and intended parents or anyone involved with third-party reproduction.

Another wonderful resource is online discussion forums where you can ask questions of people currently or previously involved with surrogacy. Try Surromoms, All About Surrogacy, or the All Things Surrogacy board on BabyCenter.

Of course, one of your best resources for support is right here at Surrogate Solutions. If you have any questions or can use a sympathetic ear, check out our related blogs or contact us. Gayle and the team are always here to guide you through every step of your surrogacy journey.

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