7 Tips for Bonding with Your Baby | Tips for Intended Parents

For many couples wishing to complete their family with a baby, surrogacy can be the answer for making this dream come true. However, because the Intended Parents do not physically carry the baby through pregnancy in gestational surrogacy, one common worry among Intended Parents is they will not be able to bond with their baby as they would through a traditional pregnancy. If bonding with your baby is a concern, never fear – you are not alone! Consider the following tips other Intended Parents have found helpful for bonding with their new baby before and after coming home from the hospital as a family:

  1. Be involved with your Surrogate. If your Surrogate lives nearby and you are both comfortable with it, consider attending doctor appointments together so you can see your baby’s growth and progress along with her. If your Surrogate is out of state or this is otherwise not an option, consider sending text or email pictures and updates.
  2. Prepare your nursery. Having a ready-to-go and pleasant space before baby arrives will not only relieve some stress, it will also reinforce that your dream is finally coming true while giving you some wonderful one-on-one quality time with your partner.
  3. Baby-proof your home. Keeping your home safe for your new family member will be an ongoing process and it is best to begin before he or she arrives. Be sure to install cabinet locks, outlet covers and keep an eye out for any potential choking hazards.
  4. Skin-to-skin contact. Newborn babies bond almost solely through touch and smell. As you cuddle and hold your baby close, you will both begin to bond with each other and learn each other’s cues and expressions.
  5. Interaction and response. Talk to your baby, make eye contact, and smile. This will help aid in brain growth and development as well as strengthen your bond together!
  6. Be patient. It can take time for you to attach to your new baby or for your baby to attach to you. Give your baby (and yourselves!) time to adjust to each other and understand that attachment and bonding will eventually happen naturally.
  7. Work with your agency. Your surrogate agency has seen and experienced every joy and bump on the surrogacy journey – including bonding! If you have questions or are uncertain about something, do not hesitate to reach out to your expert surrogacy team!

While bonding with your baby may take a slightly different approach when it comes to Intended Parents and Surrogacy, taking the proper time and preparation will help you build a strong and permanent bond with your new baby and family. The team of caring and experienced surrogacy experts at Surrogate Solutions prides itself on helping families make their dreams of having a baby together come true. If you have questions about bonding with your new baby as a family, contact Surrogate Solutions today!

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