Everyone Needs a Helping Hand – The Benefits of Working with an Agency

Dealing with infertility can feel isolating, so seeking expert help is one of the kindest things that you can do for yourself and your partner. If you’re thinking about gestational surrogacy as an option to become parents, a surrogacy agency can help guide you through every aspect of the process. Here are some benefits to working with an agency:

You deserve support from experts.

Finding someone to help you grow your family is a big undertaking. At Surrogate Solutions, our staff has been personally impacted by infertility. We have employees who are former surrogates and former intended mothers, so we understand where you are and where you’re headed on your fertility journey. We start by sitting down to discuss your options, what the risks and benefits are, and we stay in close contact with you until your baby is delivered, helping you through whatever comes up along the way.

We can help find your surrogate and egg donor.

Finding a gestational surrogate for you and your family isn’t a job that we take lightly. We don’t just find you a surrogate or an egg donor, we find you a match. We think that compatibility between a surrogate and intended parents is important. We screen our surrogates by interviewing them, assessing them medically and psychologically, and looking into their backgrounds to ensure that no unexpected problems arise. We want your time with us to be as stress-free as possible, and full of happy memories.

We can help you navigate the technicalities.

There are many medical and legal requirements to think of when you’re growing your family with gestational surrogacy. You need a lawyer to draw up a contract with your surrogate and also to assist you with the process of securing your parental rights. Your agency contact at Surrogate Solutions can help you find an attorney and also offer guidance about the legal process. We also provide help with things like securing health or life insurance for your surrogate, and we mediate the process of reimbursing your surrogate for expenses.

If you’re looking for help on your journey to building your family, if you want to find not “just” a surrogate, but rather a perfect match and friend through this process, contact Surrogate Solutions for support and guidance today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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