Louisiana Family Shares Their Surrogacy Journey

It wasn’t long after meeting Daphne, mother of two, that Hank’s bachelor spirit was tamed. The two were soon happily married and ready to begin a family of their own. Although both Hank and Daphne wished to have a baby together, certain road blocks stood in their way; Daphne is a cancer survivor, and thus unable to bear any more children.

After exploring adoption options, Hank and Daphne decided gestational surrogacy would be the right choice for their family. The couple had chosen an egg donor, a clinic, and even a gestational surrogate, before finding themselves at a standstill; their surrogate had backed out at the last minute and the agency they had been working with had been hit or miss, standing the couple up, and finally, saying they did not have any prospective carriers. That’s when a receptionist suggested Surrogate Solutions may be a good fit for Hank and Daphne.

As Hank tells it,

“One phone call to Gayle [from Surrogate Solutions] changed our lives forever. After a short conversation, we knew that we had found not only an amazing woman, but one whom we could trust implicitly.”

When selecting a surrogate, it is imperative for both Intended Parents to feel comfortable. Just a few short weeks after their first conversation with Gayle, Hank and Daphne met their surrogate, Stefanie, and both instinctively knew she was “the one.”  Daphne’s concerns of finding a surrogate who was in it for the gift of giving, not the money, quickly melted away as she began bonding with Stefanie. Daphne made it a point to be present for each doctor’s appointment, and would follow the appointments by spending time with Stefanie, shopping, grabbing lunch, and building their relationship.

Stefanie’s mother accompanied the two women for one doctor’s appointment, and made it a point to thank Daphne while Stefanie was with the doctor. When Daphne asked what she was being thanked for, Stefanie’s mother replied,

“You have given her [Stefanie] the ability to finish college, be home with her daughter, and not have to worry about finances.”

It was then Daphne realized that she and Stefanie were giving each other gifts; each helping the other equally but in different ways.  From that moment forward, Daphne and Stefanie developed a strong, sister-like bond, and stay in constant communication, sharing stories and photos of Stefanie’s daughter, and Henry – the son Stefanie had carried for Hank and Daphne.

Today, Hank and Daphne are working with Stefanie to plan their second baby, “Baby B”. The couple was even able to convince their original egg donor to donate a second time so that Henry and Baby B will be full genetic siblings.  When asked what advice they would give prospective parents considering surrogacy, Hank and Daphne say,

“Trust your heart and Gayle.  It will be an amazing journey filled with love and joy, and most importantly, understand that it’s all going to be okay.”

Finding the right agency will lead to finding the right surrogate to fit your needs and your comfort so you, too, can have a happy ending like Hank and Daphne. If you are considering surrogacy and would like to learn more, contact Surrogate Solutions today.


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